Poems by
Vimal Krishnan R


a poem by Vimal Krishnan R

Born into this world was I
And I cried when I got a whiff
Of this sickening air
I cried because I was born
Into a world of thorns
Thorns of melancholy, bloodshed and hatred

I was born into bondage
In to a world of preaching and teaching
In to a world of slavery and chains
Chains that inflict misery and pain
And I was taught that I dare not
Break free from these chains
And I would gain
Only if I suffer the pain

I was taught how to walk
On the face of this world
Beset with trails and traces
Of people’s scarlet blood
And I was taught to walk over blood
For blood would run over me otherwise

I have lost my identity
And harnessed is my integrity
Attuned to toe the line
Drawn by this foolhardy society
Ever enduring the agony of rusted iron chains
Cast in its own flesh and blood