Poems by
Vikrant Dutt


a poem by Vikrant Dutt

Stifled silences,
abounding the environs,
never the pause,
not least bit ruffled,
crept on along,
boulders and rocks,
encountered trembling,
sweat on the brow,
the man crawled literally,
neanderthal man,
through the ages,
years, aeons, eras,
sweat and toil,
little accomplished,
as earth chugged,
around the blazing sun,
the chip,
the miniscule chip,
was all there was,
herald a revolution,
never quite imagined,
connectivity, wider horizons,
imagination taking shape,
within moments,
pressing the keys,
the only effort,
millions of souls,
all around,
all shapes and sizes,
sharing thoughts,
interests, even lives,
crutch for the lonely,
fodder for the one seeking,
so many lives interwoven,
for many a daily need,
of the wide world,
peeping through the window,
on the desk,
by the bedside,
something that connects,
bonds millions,
yet makes them different,
truly a mental revolution.