Poems by
Vikram Bhandari

Cracked Mirror

a poem by Vikram Bhandari

A cracked Mirror –
bears the reflection…
of my disintegrated face.
Every broken piece –
an individual self…
every broken piece…
an illusion in itself.
A thing which once
reflected beauty,
now only phantasm holds.
Could it still capture…
The image of…
some nomad soul.
Beyond the fragments…
lies an intangible world.
Dissipate the whole being –
only then can one know?!!
Who is this man in he mirror?
Is he someone I know?!!
A hollow heart…
echoes in the cold;
every closer look…
a new mystery unfolds.
Then which is the real image?
Which one’s the real me?
Only if these splinters could speak…
And teach me how to see.