Poems by
Vijaya Raghavan S


a poem by Vijaya Raghavan S

Everybody gets carried in your stride
The temptation you create nothing can subside
The glitter you emanate nothing can hide
yes, you are-“Neighbours envy-Owners pride”.

Among all the gems, you are the cream
You are woven in every dames dream
You are the most precious, all do deem
so is the power of your everlasting gleam.

You are the emblem of one’s prosperity
Your count dominates in one’s property
No one can question your authority
you are unconquered in this vicinity.

Yet, you are not spared by the critics
They evaluate in different yardsticks
Though they accredit you for prosperity
They also blame you for adversity.

You exhibit beauty with conceit
Each one is struck by the idea of deceit
They make every effort to deplete.
and the victim is forced to forfeit.

Still you are always the most sought
Your flavour remains to be crispy and Hot
Your possession is a big asset
which everyone craves to get.