Poems by
Vijay Ganesh


a poem by Vijay Ganesh

Caressing the gentle dusty night,
Dressing the moon with melody,
My frantic song slipped through the night,
Sculpting what is already a masterpiece,
When I saw you above the winter sky, singing,
I let the summer sun of my dreams,
Shine and play a symphony of love,
Crying beneath the moon,
Dreams flooding my head,
I whisper deliriously into the cool mist of beauty,
Glistening in my languid sky,
Swimming my sea of eternity,
I see you raving my dreams,
The prisoner of eternity I am,
I’ll remember the brilliant embrace of my angel,
This porcelain God of mine,
My moist breath like magic on a window,
You’re listening to my delicious desire,
Devouring the ferocious poison again,
Dazzled by the joy pooling in my heart,
A smile lingering on my lips,
I realise in a misty void of shadows,
That it is the elixir you offer me – love.