Poems by
Vidya Kudva

Circularity of Life

a poem by Vidya Kudva

Moving from a big city
Escaping the banality
The bellicosity and brutality
Wanted some normality
Tired of perpendicularity
Settled in rurality.
Missing my connectivity
Party activity and affinity;
Met a personality
Who offered nuptiality.
Hoping for sincerity,
Security and stability.
Thrown by reality,
Demanding conformity
He shun eccentricity.
Needing congeniality
Agreed with serenity
Realized with fatuity,
He mistook equanimity
For timidity and docility
People lacking density
Attacked my credibility.
Surprised by depravity
Immorality and disparity,
When faced with duplicity
Shrugged off tranquility
Fought off with tenacity
Oh, where is humanity!
Losing my sanity
Took me an eternity
Claimed my identity.
Staked a solidarity
With sisters in totality
Bond with toxicity
Or Hanging in adversity
We live with audacity
Enjoying spontaneity
Work for prosperity
Demand equality.