Poems by
Vedant Choudhury

Lonely Nights

a poem by Vedant Choudhury

Such a Lonely night this is,
The wind blowing the November chill,
Not even a whisper heard,
Except the water trickle, down the stream.

I sit beside its banks
On the stones and look up,
A galaxy twinkling down on me,
Yet I feel lonely

What a cold night is this?

I hate lonely nights,
Those which keep us apart,
But I don’t know why, in some way
I do like them.

Maybe its because its in these nights,
I count the words unspoken between us,
I feel fonder wit the distance,
I would lay and read the letters you sent,
And decipher a new meaning of every line.

Wished you would come back to me,
I know you could not.
The ‘World’ holds your actions,

In one life I couldn’t thank you
For leaving pictures of fond memories
In my mind to fill my Lonely Nights.