Poems by
Vasanta Athilat

Desert Song

a poem by Vasanta Athilat

I yearn for
a touch of green
verdant fields and harvest
a flowering garden,
full of birds and bees

I yearn for
a splash of water
its lively, flowing nature
to quench my thirst
and soak my soul moist

I yearn for
a palette of colors
pale hues, some vibrant shades
to sketch my thoughts
and paint my moods

I yearn for
a flight of fancy
fragrance of a soothing breeze
to fly me over the oceans
and mountain peaks

I yearn for
a thunderous night
lightning bolt and cloudburst
to break the silence
to keep me awake

I yearn for
ocean beds to sail my boat
I am but a desert, a mirage inept
destiny all I own, nothing more
and nothing less