Poems by
Varun Krishnan

Life without the Computer

a poem by Varun Krishnan

He is one, who plays a major role,
he rules our heart, mind and soul.

He helps people earn a living,
but diverts tom from well, studying.

He acts as a postman,
bringing mail.

He gives info on anything
from head to tail.

He is none but the mighty computer:
the world’s most well known impostor.

Think of a day without him,
man’s face looks dim.

Everything is at his will,
without whom all come to a stand still.

They can do anything when programmed,
they are proud to have man enslaved.

Man his crafter became a slave,
sometime, he’ll return to the cave.

But man was his creator,
certainly he is greater.

If he is fine the world smiles,
if he crashes the world cries.

Not him you can’t chat using ICQ,
but only roast fish in the barbecue.

So it’s tough to live without him,
you cannot throw him in the recycle bin.