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The Tempest

a poem by Varadharajan

Human mind is complex in nature
Analysing the past or the future
Prior mindset causing a fracture
Always looking for greener pasture.

It fails to accept facts of perception
It longs to find its own version
Refusing to face any other conception
Drawing sometimes, the wrong conclusion!

Seeing is believing, it is well said
But what is not seen is not to be missed
Since not always one sees everything
Mind may have to decide seeing nothing!

When eyes and ears fail, man still lives
Without many organs he still survives
One wishes he had no eyes and ears
To same himself from haunting fears!

To carry unpleasant memories through life
Is not wisdom but like hanging one’s own knife
Above one’s head, waiting for the fall
It is living death, once for all!

Tempest in mind drives a man crazy
With nothing clear and everything hazy
He tries to love all, hating himself
Searching in darkness, for his own poor self!

When the tempest will fade away
Clearing the mind, no one can say
Waiting for the light, mind goes astray
The man broods on counting every day!