Poems by
Vaishnavi K

A gem, One of its kind!

a poem by Vaishnavi K

A wonder, one of its kind,
None other appears in my mind…
Behold its sparkle, so magnificent,
Behold its shimmer, so pleasant.
Diamonds, they are forever,
Better than platinum, gold or silver!
See them play with light…
Like raindrops in moonlight.
They are Nature’s wonderful creations,
The most cherished accessory of fashion!
Tiny stones, like stars in the sky,
Twinkling and blinking, looking shy!
Diamonds! A sight so beautiful,
Diamonds! A sight so delightful!
Creating wonderful sparks of colours…
They look like a stream of flowers.
Truly, priceless gems they are,
Diamonds, forever, they are!