Poems by
Unmana Datta

My Love

a poem by Unmana Datta

How much do I love you? I do not know.
But my heart is yours, now and forever.
My skin longs for your tender touch.
My soul needs your companionship.
Could I live without you? I cannot say.
But I can’t imagine life without you.
You are woven into every dream.
Your scent mingled with every breath.
Do not ask me to give proof of my love.
You can see it, can you not, in my eyes?
You can hear it in my voice,
feel it in my thoughts, know it
because you know me so well.
What can I give up for you?
My ambitions, my desires,
my convictions, my habits.
But not my beliefs, my dreams, my thoughts.
With those gone, I will have nothing left.
I will not be myself, the person you fell in love with.
But I know that is something you will never demand.
For you understand me as no man ever has.
Your love is so tender it caresses me.
And so strong it makes me feel safe.
And so true I’m never in doubt.
I only ask of you:
Let me share in your life-
In your joys, sorrows, worries and hopes,
And I will load you with all of mine.
And let us paint beautiful dreams together,
And as life goes on, we’ll watch them coming true.