Poems by
Tiffany Morton

New Found Love

a poem by Tiffany Morton

A friend I thought I’d never have
Turned out to be just you
A feeling I thought I’d never feel
Later I felt that way for you
A love I thought I’d never find
Turned out to be my love for you
My new found love has finally came
I’ve waited so long for you
Your more than just a lover
Your my special friend
I wouldn’t have it any other way
I’m with you til’ the end
I love your smile and everything about you
It’s just so hard to believe this is true
My new found love your so amazing
My heart is in your hands
Please just take it
Promise me my love, you’ll never break it
Here’s to the future for us
A lifetime of memories to share
Special friends in which we care
I love you more in every single way
My darling love your on my mind every single day