Poems by
Tenzin Jangchup L

Teenage: The enigma

a poem by Tenzin Jangchup L

Below the sparkling velvet roof
We sat freely
Talking teenage theories
Narrating our own stories
Of love life and dreams
Smoking grass and counting stars
Staring wildly at constellations
Dry empty stare!
Wondering at the miracles of nature
‘Wow!’ said one; amazed by a shooting star
Relishing on subtle delights and polychromatic fantasies
Unaware of the true nature:
An abyss of enigma and suffering!
Thinking ourselves the protagonist of new era
Yet unable to witness a flicker of pain!
Life’s a long uncertain path
Shrouded by mist of chance and fate
Tomorrow’s ground is too fragile
O dreamers…
Think we should learn how to walk!