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a poem by T2M

Verse 1:
I pass the world by everyday
And to me – My life is my way.
There’s no holding me back
And life ain’t seen me attack (not yet)

I’ve put my past in it’s grave
And the future is my slave.
And I’ve got what it takes
To outlast all you fakes

Do you see things
The way I look at them?
Do your feelings
Take Over The Helm?
Do you laugh
At the fears that you see?
Do you have
What it takes to be me?
Takes a lot to be me

Verse 2:
I’m sorry I’m not what you thought
Or what you wanted me to be.
Well, I’m just me and that
And only that is what it takes to be free!

As is pretty evident, this is actually a set of lyrics.
I love music very much and am terribly influenced by the Rock trend.