Poems by
Swapna Sahasranam


a poem by Swapna Sahasranam

There she lay before me
Silent, serene, in the adorned casket
Smiling in her sleep, did she seem to me
Adorable, charming, My Margaret.

Flashed through my mind the days
When we were carefree and happy
I remember those fun-filled days of May
When she with delight used to pick us poppies.

When I was sad, dull and in despair
She said to me, one day, thou wilt succeed.
Everyone, near and dear, for she used to care
Almighty, please bring her back, I plead.

She understood everyone from their visage
And loved them deeply with all her heart
Now that she has left me, who’ll be there in my old age?
Please don’t leave me, from you I can never part.

Just like the flower that is loved by the bee
And like the dog and his bone
So like the waves and the sea
I love you! Only you alone!

But alas! You have left me
Alone in this absurd world.
Where people like Margaret and Harold-
Are parted, ending all there glee.