Poems by
Susmita Das Gupta

The Journey

a poem by Susmita Das Gupta

It’s been an endless journey
It’s been since the time I can remember
The journey is to find my destination
And to search for myself

I remember I left some cloud behind,
And some spring flowers on the way
I carry some dust of memories
And some moments stolen away

I see the sun rising every morning
And the darkness moving aside
I see the stars whispering miracles
And the night left behind

The path seems endless, meandering through the hills
The journey never seems to be over and destination reached-
I see my milestones somewhere down the lane,
The milestones fade away and the lane never ends.

The hope, faith and trust that I carried with me so far-
Left me one by one and showed they don’t care.
All alone on my way I walk through the mile
The destination is still further away, and the thought made me smile
“I am the favorite child of the God and He plays a trick on me”
I am but a lost little child of God and so, let it be
I continue my journey without the destination known
And, He, holds my hand at last, and yes, I have, won.