Poems by
Sushil Kumar

And I fall in love

a poem by Sushil Kumar

(Dedicated to the 50th year of INDIAN independence)

Being a citizen, a part of a country,
to feel proud of it like a fruit of a tree,
to give something to it, something of your own creation,
and I fall in love at the deep inspiration.

Where nature surprises at its natural beauty,
the flowers, the fragrance, blissed to the infinity,
the rhythm of flow and the shine above,
the innocent nature, and I fall in love.

The supreme being known all over as “almighty”
the faith, the belief, the devotion of deity,
the unseen one but existing everywhere,
and I fall in love, as I bow to prayer.

The rivers, the mountains having holy vision as such,
the way of living, the customs peculiar in touch,
the festivals, the ceremonies rich in disposition,
and I fall in love at the cultural tradition.

The glorious leaders in past, a “saint” of peace,
religion where firm faith, “the scriptures” to teach,
historical monuments so vast, a “white” emblem of love,
the grandeur everywhere, and I fall in love.

The independence of whose was a costly affair,
taking millions of lives, “Vande Matrum” the flare,
with sacrifice, sufferings and blood-shed too much,
and I fall in love having the independence as such.

Freedom fighters to mention we feel obliged,
but the millions unknown, who too sacrificed,
lying silent beneath on the 50th year of celebration,
and I fall in love saluting such patriotic disposition.

The country of history, beauty and religion,
with faith in almighty and the cultural tradition,
celebrating the 50th year of its independence,
and I fall in love being an Indian citizen.