Poems by
Susan Williams

The Empty Bottle

a poem by Susan Williams

As the dawning of a new day begins to awaken
A young girl stands near the ocean shore
Hoping for a note or a letter from her lover
Looking out across the water what does she see
Ah! a bottle dancing in a sea of green
Waiting with anticipation, it comes bowing at her feet
Picking up the bottle with excitement, only to be let down
Nothing but water was inside
Her hopes were gone
With disgust she threw it into the sand
And began to walk away from it
Suddenly, she was stopped in her tracks
For she heard it beckoning to her
Begging her to look deeper into the bottle
Picking it up once again she looked deeper and deeper
And at the end she saw a ship sailing towards her
It came closer and closer ’til she could see it no more and soon fell with a heavy sigh
For the ship had disappeared nowhere to be seen
One last look was all she could take
And there in front of her stood a man in Navy whites
Her long lost lover had come back at last
And this time forever…