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To your Innocence

a poem by Surya

Dance with me, this dance of life.
Let no strife touch, this wonderful lyric.
I’m sure there is more to be told, more to be said.
Life would hold more laughter, the merry dance,
The dance of life.

The trickling, the flashing, the smile.
Smile the life out. Let that which burns
Burn brightly before vanishing into deaths’ everlasting embrace.
Death’s dateless nights.

Will your way over mountains, hills, valleys
Rivers and dales.
Thorns will turn to flowers.
Stony ground below to soft sand.
This is the real dance of life.

For here will you find the joy that lasts forever
That one joy which will fill your soul with eternal bliss.
Your body with perpetual fire.
Dance your bubble life out.

Let the creation stand still and watch
Your cosmic dance.
Let the rhythm create life
As life is rhythm
Let the music in you explode into
Your lullaby, put to sleep
The grief, the envy, the animosity.
Let the evil die a natural death

May you dance, the dance of the contended
The life of an enchanted Queen
May your dreams live out of your sleep.
Die a thousand deaths to prove your immortality.
That is life.