Poems by
Surabhi Sukhthankar

Must Not

a poem by Surabhi Sukhthankar

Kill, we must not
the desire
that burns inside.
Bury, we must not
the feelings
that draw us closer with pride.
Succumb, we must not
to others
who try to pull us apart.
Deprive, we must not
from the beautiful times that wait in our heart.
Grow, we must not
from each other at any cost.
Throw, we must not
the opportunity we would have otherwise lost.
Hold, we must not
that keep us distanced.
Dream, we must not
things bad
that keep us tied and fenced.
Long, we must not
no more
to hold each other tight.
Walk, we must not
because of any fear and fright.
Live, we must not
in fear
of loosing each other some day.
Wait, we must not
to get
and reach out for, in someway.
Hurt, we must not
if we are even to fall.
Love, we must not hide
if it is there at all…
Let me tell you one thing
As i go down on my knee,
Present you this diamond ring
For you to open your eyes and see
Accept my love that i show
And promise on this diamond that is forever
That I will never let you go
In this life, no, never.
So come and reach out to me and hold my hand
As we walk into the sunset, with bare feet on the sand