Poems by
Sunil Mishra

Romance 2020

a poem by Sunil Mishra

As I access my Hotmail every day
Mouse clicking with a thumping heart
Expecting to see your mail
Is it there or is it not?

Simultaneous Navigation windows opened
To hasten up the act
Waiting for the sand-clock to vanish
Isn’t that a piece of tact?
(Specially so when you are paying through your nose
At a cybercafe, whether you are keying in verse or prose)

As the wait nears an end
The friendly In-box populates
Eyes racing among the red triangles
I search for your name.
(A temptation to make this one rhyme
Could prematurely end my game)

Wishing you were called the ‘Hotmail Web Courier’
Who never fails to please
Part of the ‘increasing net usage’ sham
Forged by Andrew, Sabeer and William
(Respectively Barret, Bhatia and Gates.
– Intended for the uninitiated)

Ah! There I spot you among the tens of mails
With a racing heart, I click on your name
What? A mere forwarded Clinton joke.
(Highlighting his well-accepted shame)

With a heavy heart
And a half one at that,
Using both navigation windows
I reply one-liners to other mails
Suddenly aware of the cybercafe rates
Fingers full of verve and a heart full of nails.

Well, tomorrow is another day
I am sure better things will be there in store
Till then, giving me a raison d’être
Waiting makes you live life more.