Poems by
Sunil Kumar K

A little flower

a poem by Sunil Kumar K

Once upon a time, there was a little flower.
Which, some feelings to itself
wanted to hold on…forever.

But little did it realise,
that to want do so… was so very unwise.

Soon, poor flower…
had so many worries on its mind,
that to it each day began to feel like a grind.

Then it pored over its plight,
thinking “when they asked me, why did I ever…
not make myself light?”

So, it went around the world…
searching for friends so old…
only to find all around,
people with hearts oh so cold!

Then the little flower felt so sad…
angry too, at the world so bad…
would at the rate soon go mad,
and wishing, “IF ONLY I HAD…”

LOVE can move mountains!