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a poem by Sunil

Love means what? Can anybody explain me?
Everybody says that, I am in love with this girl or that.
Love is not a Game, it’s a feeling, and liking somebody
With your heart, not with your mind,
If you love somebody then
Love with your heart truly.
Love can happen to any body
Age doesn’t matter
Or any thing likes money.
Today I am saying that I was in love with somebody but she doesn’t
Give me any response from her side
On completion of my studies
I directly went to her and told that I love her truly with my heart,
But she didn’t give me any reply to that question.
After that I have never fell in love with anybody
Only one and she had neglected me
Why? I don’t know and don’t want to know also.
If you love somebody then love with your heart truly.
Today love is spreading like a virus, not the real love like, Laila Majanu
Here farad and all
Every body knows about love but not the real meaning of that.
Even people saying this word a hundred times.
Love, love, love that does not mean love
If you fall in to the department of it
Then you will came to know the real of that love.
Just like Laila Majanu, here, Farad they had devoted every thing for love, even his life.
Love is like a humming bee, and a melting ice before it melts eat it up.