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My True Friend

a poem by Suneeba

Those days… when I was in love
felt, everything was happening for me;
the rain, the blooming of flowers,
the wind, birds, trees…

Every thing was happy
b’coz I was happy…
Felt, nature was grooming herself
to accompany me in my happiness

fate played its dirty game
making me curse myself…
Still flowers bloomed;
birds chirped;
and wind blew…
Still, felt they were accompanying me
in my grief… helplessly

I tried to find happiness
just to forget my past
-what my fate presented me
so that I won’t be overcome by my griefs

Wanted to make life beautiful
knowing that it won’t be as beautiful as before
still, you were there… mother nature
encouraging me often…

to somebody I was crazy,
to somebody… smart
somebody was happy;
b’coz I was happy
whereas somebody loved me… madly…

And when the truth was unfolded
somebody cursed me…
whereas somebody hated me
somebody got the chance to blame me…

as I sit here… my arms wide open to you
not knowing what next…
witnessing all my effort going vain
I can feel your companionship
consoling me… helplessly…
still encouraging me to live once more…