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Stars of the Horizon

a poem by Sumanasukumar

A ghostly galleon in the sky,
   reigned over the arcanious empire up high.
Night did blossom like a flower,
   revealing the enchanting starlit shower.

The eastwind dances deadly berserk,
   and conflicting fates glare with a baleful smirk.
Life is like this full of ups and downs,
   just a quiver of sunlight can save a frown.

Amidst the perifidy we can find,
   noble ‘true souls’ of the rarest kind-
who bear a jewelled twinkle and hope all the way
   even while darkness insidiously creeps day after day.

In footprints of time ‘they’ delve an eternal place,
   and just like diamonds carry glory and grace.
Like this gem that adorns the ring of the bride,
   such people stride and unleash the nation’s pride.

Like the rays of a polished stone, beam with zest,
   set up your domain and leave behind the uncut rest.
Thy glory should dazzle the sky and swell up a tide,
   like a diamond that adorns the ring of the bride!