Poems by
Suman Dodril

To be or not to be

a poem by Suman Dodril

Unending, the array of perfectly aligned wooden blocks;
Outlining them, smooth, silvery, shiny metallic tracks.

Moving right beneath my gloomy and confused eyes;
I can feel the emotions trickling down my cheeks.

What am I looking at, where am I going;
Is this a dream, in life what would this mean?

My brain in a state of total chaos and depression;
My heart, a volcano to explode emotions into thin air.

To grip, I try to bring myself, with all my might;
My might, if I still had, I wouldn’t be here at the first place.

Understanding my pitiable position, I pity on me more;
Hatred on society, loved ones, and ones who did not love.

Running from life, wishing to embrace death with all my heart;
I have to face the undaunting truth, I am running from truth itself.

Ones who did not love me; they are not worth my life;
The rude society; I might get to understand it in time;
The loved ones; their importance not yet definitely felt.

Fooling myself, thinking there is nothing to live for;
Who am I to decide my fate, what is fate for then?

Questions storming my feeble confused brain;
Yet making me think before the last decision.

Once decided, there is no turning back;
A second chance, the least life can ask for.

SUICIDE, the END OF LIFE, the FINAL ANSWER, I may argue;
By now, fear of death has almost brought me back to my senses.

The question at this moment of truth;
In only my hands lay the simple answer.