Poems by
Sujith Somasundaran Menon


a poem by Sujith Somasundaran Menon

The day you said that we have to part,
It shattered me, broke my heart,
I sobbed and I cried,
Really wished I had died.
But then I live my life for thee,
‘Coz it happens to you, that happens to me,
And hence I clench my heart for you,
‘Coz I know love, you did it too.

Remembering the moments in the past spent together,
When promises were made to be each other’s forever,
To be in your arms you said I long,
‘Coz love its just to you that I belong.
Oh those were the moments I treasure,
When joy I had of no measure.
But until the things went wrong,
And no longer do I have the girl I long.

But now I am confident just you see,
That you were mine and will always be,
‘Coz if not earth the heaven is,
The place where our soul’s can meet in peace.