Poems by
Sujatha S


a poem by Sujatha S

Life is an Automobile;
Days, Weeks, Months and Years are wheels,
Money is Fuel,
Mind is Acceleration,
Obstacles are Brakes,
Perseverance is Clutch.

Good and Bad are High-ways,
Pleasure, enthusiasm and Truth;
Displeasure, grief and Pride,
Are Sub-ways.

Success makes you
Step forward,
Failure makes you
Step backward.

Is Life Happy?
Is Life Cruel?
Is Life Sorrowful?
Is Life Unjust?
Is Life Unfair?
It’s all
The path you choose.

Emotions and laziness,
Favourable and unfavourable experiences;
Love and Hatred,
Fear and Greed;
Are different stations
Which passes in everyone’s lives;
Death is the Terminus
Which no living being can escape.

Is there life after Death?
It is a big question.