Poems by
Suhas Chavan

Throbbing Heart, Eager Ears

a poem by Suhas Chavan

I will love to sit
In that dim lit corner
Bending forth, the rain as symphony,
To feel the strain of the fading
To heed that sax – a Shadow among Shadows
An empty hall;
That will remind me of You,
Of our times spent; Of Moments lived,
Each an encapsulated world; a wonderful story,
Moments, yes, Moments,
Just those that you wouldn’t scatter,
And yet, those that you did,
But I could never gather!
Now I ask myself
When, when must this end?
The sound, this crowd,
This stupid preening
The convincing of self,
Grey hair, dry lips,
The pout of a potbelly
Now when will this all end
When I remember you,
Our days of yore?