Poems by
Sudhir Iyer

The Blooming

a poem by Sudhir Iyer

Early morning rays
From the summer sun,
Dawn is born, twilight mist stays,
Dewdrops on the bud, run
Down, at a leisurely pace,
As he enjoyed the cool space,
Between the dawn and the morn,
Gazing at a bloomer being born.

As lovely petals uncurled,
A tiny droplet shone,
Nature’s beauty unfurled,
Diamond shaped, ’twas a unique stone,
A bead dazzling like a crystal sphere,
Happy sounds of birds he began to hear,
Between the dawn and the morn,
Awaiting a bloomer being born.

A garden where daisies and lilies posed,
There it was blooming, a lovely rose,
Impatient, he waited in front of a door closed,
Anxious, as the morning sun rose,
A tiny wail, a shrill cry he heard, quite hoarse
Smiles all around, ‘Congratulations’, said the nurse,
‘It’s a boy’. She added, ‘and the mother is doing fine’
Relieved, thanking God, he thought, ‘the bloomer is mine’.