Poems by
Sudeshna Kar Barua

All in Colours

a poem by Sudeshna Kar Barua

“Hurry”, said Miss Marge Mellow,
“Now get me that dirty fellow,
That one o’er there in bright Yellow,
All he can do is just bellow.”

“So spank him till he goes all Blue,
Then dip him in that bowl of glue.
Well, did he say he has no clue?
And was in bed with a touch of flu?”

“Then who was it that took a bite
From that yummy choco delight?
Right on top was a swan so White,
He must have eaten it last night.

“Calm down Miss Mellow”, coaxed Old Ned,
“Didn’t you hear what the fella just said?
A touch of flu and he was in bed
The tip of his nose is still so Red.”

“Into my bed, Miss, I did sink
But could not sleep even a wink.
See this ear so sickly Pink,
I had to smear a lot of zinc.”

“Please Miss Mellow, do not frown
Or in my tears now I shall drown,
That tiny swan with its crown,
Was eaten up by Frisby Brown.”