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In Love One

a poem by Sudesh

Each dawn, very tired
Of dwelling with his love,
In his dreams.
Each dusk, very exasperating
To thrust, on his soul, a nap
Undisturbed, but in vain.
Each second, his love’s delay
Mounts up a heap-very large, of contempt
But at the glimpse of his love,
Love displaces contempt
With a trace, unseen.
Each curse, a blessing
In love’s presence.
Each crowning a crucifixion
In love’s absence.
Each moment, a history
Spent with his love.
Each word, a carving
Uttered by his love.
Each smile an art, unerasable;
Each weep, a scar
In his heart.
Each villain – a comedian,
Each twister – breeze,
Each summer – a spring
Each flower – a bouquet
With the fragrance of he love,
For, he sees love in his love:
Love of God
Who sent down his love.