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The Beggar Girl

a poem by Suchitra

The beggar girl woke up in the morning
Her head was all spinning
She knew she had to pass the forest
And there was no any chance for rest

She passed the forest
Which was dark and thick
Determined and brave was she
But the lion roared so loud.

Taller than her was the elephant grass
Dared to pass through it was she
But the snake bit her so hard.

She saw a ray of light
A ray of hope it was to her
Windowing the path to her dreams
but the firefly stung her so hard.

She shouted she cried for help
She screamed at the top of her lungs
But in vain
‘Cause the wolf howled so hard.

Thank Thee oh god!
For what you gave us
The beauty and the wonder of this world you gave as gift

The crescent shaped shiny silver moon
Peeping through birch twigs
A thousand candle lights can’t match its beauty.

The flowers with their enchanting beauty
Come in so many colors
In so many scents
Something so speechless, so stunning
Something that seems to be inanimate
But they smile and fills one’s heart with joy as in a trance.

Where the sky shares its happiness with the farmers with its tears of joy

The rivers that play a song to the koel’s song
Where tiny birds flutter their wings with great sound
Ready for their first flight.

The earth as play ground and
The sun, the moon, the stars,
The rivers, the mountains,
The sand, the pebbles
All, all Thy playthings.

But why couldn’t the beggar girl enjoy all this, Oh God,
Why was she born a beggar girl and not in a rich house

Why was she deprived of the
Mother’s love
Father’s concern
Brothers’ protection
Sisters’ advises
Lover’s possessiveness
And her baby’s
Innocent craving for her attention

Why being so callous towards thy own creation
Why being so partial when all are the fruits of thy own tree
Why was she born so ugly

She stood like the flickering flame of a fast melting candle
She stood there motionless, helpless yet alive,
Her dreams shattered, her hopes crushed, yet determined.

She started into the space trying to rest her burning eyes
Devoid of tears any left to cool it though

And There, yonder beyond the horizon
The thunder struck
“Thy action alone, alone for thy salvation
no other way, no pardon either
take miseries as divine blessings
clean up your heart and march forward”
let the cruelty of thy thunder
awaken every mortal’s heart and take it to newer heights.