Poems by
Suchira Ray


a poem by Suchira Ray

‘Tis really a ship
A ship caught in the storm
A storm of emotions and occurrences
Where all we try to find is a form
A form, a tangible body
When found we grasp it
Only to find that it is a shadow
And on the bare deck we sit
Waiting for another call
Another shadow to grasp
When all sureties fall
A true friend we can clasp
But the form… is once a shadow, and once a solid
The rough seas know no norm
Its is but water, yet so stolid
What is reality, what is a myth?
We never know, choosing to live in blithe
Grabbing onto hope
But it slithers like soap
Out of our hands… out of our reach
And we get washed up, onto the beach
Lost are we forever
Oh, we thought ourselves to be so clever
Illusions are false, illusions are wrong
We have believed in illusions for far too long
The time has come to throw up our sails
And in these times the Creator we hail
For he is noble and he is wise
And he shall help us conquer the lies
He is our savior, he is our rock
And ‘tis he will aid us safely to the dock