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A Tribute to Spring

a poem by SubhamChattopadhyay

The first tune of the cuckoo has been heard,
The beautiful south wind is caressing the souls,
Busy bees are relishing an elegant opulence,
Spring is in the air! Blitheness is in the heart!

Water in the streams are flowing with glad tidings,
It’s visage sparkling bright with heaven’s light,
The boatmen are singing out a golden tone,
As never before heard from them;
Spring is in the air! Exuberant is the mind!

Evening twilight is kissing the earth,
The farmer’s son has found his calf,
But he is restless due to the tune from that faraway hamlet,
Alas the full moon has cast her glory,
Spring is at her dazzling best,
Creation is unfolding her eternal glory.