Poems by
Stuti Poddar

What makes a human being, what he is!

a poem by Stuti Poddar

The word LIFE is very small,
If we count the letters in it,
But it’s as vast as the ocean,
If we go into the depth of it!

Life is a beautiful blend of all the colors of nature:
The pale blue color of the morning sky,
Illuminated brightly by the sun’s rays;
And all the other things of nature,
Made by God in His incredible ways.

What is life all about?
Is it the circle of death and rebirth,
Or is it the experience of happiness and pain;
Is it the beauty of nature all around,
Or desire for great achievements-
Desires which are in vain!

No! Life is none these!

Life is as undistinguishable as the breeze blowing in the air,
As the waves which are inseparable from the mighty sea;
Just like the soul is not separable from the body,
Life cannot be separated from you or me!

Life is as closely linked with man,
As happiness is linked with sadness;
It is undefinable, and its mystery,
Gives a person both pain and gladness.

When things are unexplainable by man,
His heart is filled with joy,
But the slightest problem in his mind-
And despair overrules with joy!

So life can be called the mystery of man-
A mystery which is unsolvable by a being,
But it’s a mixture of thoughts, which, since not soled by man,
Makes him a human being;
‘Coz if a man would succeed in solving this great mystery,
There would be no difference between man and the Supreme Being!