Poems by
Stuti Goswami

Stronger Will

a poem by Stuti Goswami

He sits ‘n’ wonder so does she
what is this intriguing mystery
why do we fail ‘n’ are left to cry
we swear to god, we sure did try.

They loose their sleep ‘n’ appetite
and wonder if others have stronger might
they think ‘n’ think but fail to see
what would the reason for their failure be
they blame it on their luck ‘n’ fate
for bringing them to this deplorable state

Then one day they bump into luck
they question him- why, do we suck?

But luck itself is left surprised
he takes no onus ‘n’ denies
He says, it’s not me who plans the drill
but people with a stronger will
I see them when they are in their bout
They fight it out, without a doubt
and then they take what they want from me
for they have earned it, doubtlessly.

So if you want to make it still
Don’t have your doubt, have stronger will.