Poems by
Sruti Mohapatra

Best Friends

a poem by Sruti Mohapatra

A best friend loved a certain best friend
And wandered with him everywhere
From bygone past to the unknown future
They rambled together without a care

A study in contrasts both friends were, one chatterer
The other, a portrait in silence
If she was nerves incarnate
He was a icon of immense patience

On days not bright when she was gloomy
He would tell her a comic tale
She would burst with laughter and roll about
Caught in the humor of his spell

When he went quiet lost in somber thoughts
She tried to ease the pain away
Some times a laughter, often a smile
Appeared and then quickly drifted away

Hands held in friendship, drunk with pleasure
Each touched the other through unspoken words
Through feelings not verbal, and simple dreams
They effortlessly reached the abode of love