Poems by
Srividya Krishnamoorthy


a poem by Srividya Krishnamoorthy

Slow suicide by the bottle
I’ll drink my life away
I have nothing to live for now
Not even yesterday

Whiskey water whining
Rum wrapt reminiscence
Vodka’s my constant companion
My drink the point of reference

Nirvana what bliss
To live like this
In bed with nothing to do
No stories, no sex, no nothing
Oh but I mourn for you

Yesterday I almost got better
Actually took a bath
But then I got the better of me
I’m back to the point of start

Wine stopped working
A long time ago
Bourbon does wonders
When my spirit sinks lower than low

Life from a looking glass
A glass full of my sorrow
I’ll drink my fill today
And not think of tomorrow

Drink drenched dreaming
Liquor’s my lover till I die
My soul’s getting colder
Time to say goodbye