Poems by
Srinivasann Parthasarathy

O! Life

a poem by Srinivasann Parthasarathy

O life, I hate you,
I hate you to such an extent that,
I have started loving death.

O life, though you are known to be
bright and colourful,
you are uncertain,
at times, you are colourful, but,
all of a sudden you become
so dark and dull that
I find it difficult to
adjust myself with you.

O life, death though dark
it always remains dark, though initially
one finds darkness, a bit difficult
to adjust, but once adjusted to it,
its loving and cheerful.
Darkness of death is certain
which never changes with time.

O life, death though bitter
on its arrival, once it fully
embraces, I can get rid of all
the worldly troubles caused by you.

O life, you are the one who will
ultimately lead me to death,
but, death, will ultimately lead me to
an eternal life which has no end.