Poems by
Srinidhi Krishnaswamy

The Rain

a poem by Srinidhi Krishnaswamy

The band in row, that
make up the colorful bow.
Every drop that pours
fills up the floors
of the houses of the poor.
If it rains with its happiness
the hearts of the farmers
are filled with joy and merriness,
but if the rivers overflow
the eyes of the people in the slopes too flow.
During the early showers
there blossoms the flowers, but
as the downpour is more and more
the farmer’s lives become sour and more sour.
Again after the drops are stopped
we see the sun around the clock,
but soon we see
the sun disappear and
the clouds and rains do reappear,
and we see the rushing crowd
waiting for the boats
which are on the roads.
Sometimes the rain is so heavy
that they bring up deaths and misery.
There the people waiting in the lanes
waiting for food carried by planes.
When the last drop dries
even the last crop dies
with so many cries.
And at last the rainy season goes
with the winter that follows.
If the rain is once again coming,
lets pray for the Gods blessing,
to slow the pace at which it’s racing!!