Poems by
Sreekesh Menon

Make a Friend

a poem by Sreekesh Menon

Friendship. Some say it’s a rose,
Petals of pleasure does it pose.
A stem of belief, on which it holds,
From the roots of hearts,
Forever it grows.

Friendship. Some say it’s a tree,
Fertile forever, and so hall it be,
Unwithered by tempest, never away,
Eternal glee, is all it does see.

Friendship. Some way it is sharing,
Joys and sorrows, sans any barring.
For friends, ofcourse, nothing seems marring,
It happens when one is cared and caring.

What is friendship? What shall it be?
Something you feel. You can never see?
Anything eternal? A fraternal story.
Make a friend and forever be glee.