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Fragrance Unto Eternity

a poem by Soundarya

There was an aroma of love in the bower,
The flowers of bliss possessed the fragrance,
The Rose, the ultimate, the queenly power,
Was the famed one, the one with grace.

With velvet robes and a crimson tinge,
Came in the queen, the beauty Rose,
There was applause in the court as a shower,
Surrounding her was a mystifying enigma.

She swept her gown and flitted like a fairy,
All eyes beheld her; She was the one with glory,
My body seemed numb; I was motionless and spellbound,
Oh! What was the mystery of this enchantress?

I was restless to know her, to experience her,
But she was free and cared for none,
Yet somehow I had the strange feeling, or wanted to,
That she cared for someone; I wished it were I;

I yearned for her one look; I waited for her to swerve,
To see me and to cast her benign and generous smile,
It just seemed as if my dream would come true,
But like a gust of wind, my hopes were shattered!

Shattered like the hundred pieces of a broken mirror!
I wanted to believe this was a dream, which wouldn’t be true,
But who could deny reality, for it was crystal clear,
She was gone, gone forever, never to return.

My heart ached with piercing pain,
My mind dwelt in stinging agony,
But yes! I still smelt her fragrance,
Was she here? Was she back?

But she wasn’t, why wasn’t she?
Why did she torment me so ruthlessly?
Her perfumed scent still lingers in me, around me,
That unforgettable time still dwells in me.