Poems by
Soumitra Sengupta

Creation of Dreams

a poem by Soumitra Sengupta

We neither spoke nor looked at each other,
but kept walking together on the beach.
We did not even hold each other’s hand,
letting the cool evening breeze speak for us.
There was so much to talk about,
we knew that was our last meeting,
we would be separated for life tomorrow.

We did not want to release the final hours
just talking; grossly involved in each other,
sharing each moment of togetherness.
Within ourselves we were dissolved in
thoughts of life planned together and
were witnessing desertion of dreams created jointly.

Still we did not speak as we kept walking.
Nor did we look at each other.
The evening light faded away faster than expected.
Time to say “adieu.”
We saw the first star appear in the sky
and named it “Dream.”
We held each other’s hands,
promising silently
not to recognize each other if we meet again
and said “Good Bye.”
The first and last words we spoke that day.