Poems by
Sonia Mehta


a poem by Sonia Mehta

It seems like a fairy tale
Like Jack and Jill and their water pail.
It all seems so unreal, such an unbelievable dream
Only once their eyes met, making emotions gush like a stream.
So tenderly he reached out to hold her hand
She felt that moment she was in quicksand.
So deep he looked into her oceanic eyes
His lips on hers, soared to starry skies.

Amidst the jungle of people they were totally alone
As if the world didn’t exist- they were in a world of their own.
Their quickened breaths mingled in murmuring sighs
The battle in her heart became pearls in her eyes.
What would happen if the ocean caught fire?
All the oceans of the world couldn’t extinguish their desire.
Sworn enemies, head and heart fought their fierce duel
One said stop, the other said go- the world’s too cruel.
Listen to the song in your heart and nothing more,
Destiny brought you together, so open your heart’s door.

And suddenly he went away, across the seven seas
She longed for his smile, his touch, his kiss, his tease.
For him it was just desire- a burning passion, he made it clear.
But she was created for love, to be cherished as very dear.
Love itself was a tempest! What was his fear?

But she new that someday he would chisel on marble,
Those warm love words on ice cold stone.
Yes!!! Someday.