Poems by
Sonali Sengupta Desai

World Cup 2007

a poem by Sonali Sengupta Desai

Yes, this world cup 2007 had been
Exclusive prediction by me Divya Chauan wife of Abhinesh Kumar
(His previous name is Guru Kanta Desai)
My husband had choice
These15 members lead by Indian Captain Dravid
Which was going to succeed,
First of all I never know
M.S.Dhoni, Mr. Naveen Patnaik,
Mr. Alok Kumar Patnaik, Sriman Vivek Oberori,
What I know that name Guru Kanta Desai,
Is my first and last husband forever
Because SaiBaba had blessed name Desai
Is the son of Smt. Murli Prasad Sharma, ‘Circuit’ Film Newspapers
Yes my name previous Ms. Sonali Sengupta Desai, from HLC India
Will Win Cricket World Cup 200
Defeat Australia with 200 runs,
Prediction bye me 05/09/1996.