Poems by
Sonal Jain


a poem by Sonal Jain

The best of friendship we share,
Which ought to be found so rare.
Loosing you seems to be a nightmare,
So this treasure has to be kept with care.

We are so lucky, to be friends, to be blessed,
For this is God’s gift so valuable, eternally praised.
It brings all the joys to us, to all things around
It encircles us, makes promises with no sound.

I am marked by the every shared moment,
“YOU” have become my salient temperament.
Sharing and caring made our friendship transparent,
And now I know “YOU” are so valuable, so important.

Let’s raise a toast in the name of our friendship,
Take a vow, and always treasure our companionship.
We’ll always remain upright in our relationship,
And cherish the wonderful sphere of our friendship.