Poems by
Somdev Mukherjee

The Princess Ascends

a poem by Somdev Mukherjee

The Princess Ascends (on the trail of ‘The Darjeeling Toy Train’ – a world heritage)

Her majesty-the “Princess” ascends
To the grand Himalayan “Durbar”
Amidst teak, tamarisk trees
Standing tall – each a courtier.

Finely woven carpets are
Laid in all her vicinity
With an emerald green hue
Of the tender leaves of tea.

Veiled behind the mists of Ghoom
“Queen of hills”-Darjeeling adorns
Her imperial throne, glowing in gold-
The “Kanchanjungha”-as the world knows.

The “Kanchanjungha” stands
Kissing the sapphire blue sky;
Draped in golden attire at dawn
Its mighty peaks rise high.

With tiny steps the princess
Rushes towards her mother-
Climbing loops, leaping over springs
Nothing makes her bother.

The beautiful hills greet her
With marigold, chrysanth flowers
But the lure of such gifts
The innocent princess little cares.

Gifts lie untouched beside her tracks
While she passes by as a toy
To embrace the warmth of mother’s lap
Panting, puffing, whistling with joy.