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a poem by Somad

It’s a sacrifice that I had to make,
And I want to speak about it today,
I had a scintillating life to lead,
Immaculate it was, unlike today.

Innocence, lit the obscurity,
As it was trying to make a niche;
But it didn’t save me from that part of life,
That was darker, maybe even darker
Than the meanest of the means.

They say, ‘Life is a poem – without words,’
But mine has a different curve,
‘cos the worst deluded is self-deluded;
My ‘INNOCENCE’ deluded me the most.

I’m now a stone, I’m now a rock,
Amidst a thousand waves,
Making me colder and colder, round the clock.

Memories flashback and it seems,
Since time immemorial that I had,
The happiest hours of my life,
The time when I was a young lad.

I wanted to be something in life,
Oh yes I’m something today,
I’m not a gangster, nor am I the police,
But I am leading my life the easy way.

I wanted to be loved and loved and loved,
But now, no ones there for me.
Since I am a rock and a rock can’t love,
But there’s still some love left deep inside of me.

But who will understand,
This world is so selfish,
I’m quite aware of that,
Still I want to be loved.